Careers @ LP

Any law firm can say it’s different, and most do.  We’ve found that being different can mean a lot of things… or (upon closer inspection) it could mean nothing at all.  At LP, being “different” is not something we take lightly.  It is woven into the fabric of our success and it takes shape in a variety of ways- our approach, our mission and our culture.

It takes more than blue jeans and bagels on Fridays to create and maintain an engaged workplace (although they help).  At LP, it’s ultimately about cultivating an environment where people care about what they do, where they work and who they work with.  To do that, we have invested in our people, and will continue to, because they are the foundation of this firm, the reason for our success and the key to our progress.

Yes, we’re different and we welcome the distinction.


Excellence is what our clients expect from us and what we expect of each other.

Who Are We?

We are run like a corporation – unlike a traditional law firm, our attorneys are well-supported by a strong, centralized management team. This allows our attorneys to make the best use of their time practicing law and developing the value-focused culture that defines us.

We put our clients first – doing good legal work isn’t what we aspire to – it’s where we begin. To create an experience that our clients will remember for all the right reasons, we work to understand their business, move with speed and quality, avoid surprises and then surpass expectations.

We communicate directly – to collectively move in the same direction, we all need to know the firm’s mission and vision. At LP, you aren’t left to wonder about what’s going on with the firm, you’ll hear directly from our management in State of the Firm reports, administrative updates, or just daily posts on our LP Connect intranet.

We listen and respond – our success today does not guarantee our success tomorrow. To evolve in meaningful ways, we incorporate feedback from our internal surveys and town hall discussions as we plan for the future. We are not afraid to take risks and try new things – and we reward those people who really help move the firm forward.

We care about our people - Yes, we have a comprehensive benefits package, but we go beyond that to make sure people really understand our benefits and can make informed decisions about their health and wellness through initiatives like our Wellness Rewards Program and Financial Wellness Week. We also make time for fun with annual traditions like the LP Chili Cook Off, the LP Open mini-golf tournament, and our annual holiday party (with skits and the LP Band!).

We foster a culture of responsibility – our goal is to make a difference for our clients, in our community and on behalf of the individuals and organizations that are leading the way. From reducing our carbon footprint, to our charitable grants program to our volunteer days, we live our values. We practice what we preach and we are stronger together as a result.

Who Are You?

You put clients first - a strong commitment to exceptional client service fuels your work ethic.  To address the issues facing your clients and the demands on their time, you work efficiently, thoughtfully and dependably.

You are committed to excellence – your professionalism and quality of work will be the key to our shared success. It’s what our clients expect of us and what we expect of each other.

You value a culture of collaboration – as one person, you can do anything you put your mind to, but as a group of people, even more is possible. There is great value in seeking the input of others, recognizing the talent of those around you and using those collective skills to deliver insightful work product.

You are self-aware – respect and continued learning are critical to your ongoing success. You are mindful of your citizenship in the workplace, and see the potential in personal growth.

You are innovative – the view from outside the box can be refreshing, especially when faced with unique challenges. Knowing there is no one answer to any given problem, you are eager to flex your creative problem-solving muscles and brave enough to make your ideas known.

You are ready for something different…