Intellectual Property


Patent and Trademark Preparation and Enforcement
Copyright, Trade Secret, and Technology Protection
IP Litigation and Enforcement
Technology Transactions

The Intellectual Property Law Service Group represents organizations and individuals ranging from inventors and mid-sized companies to multinational corporations. Our IP attorneys perform patent, trademark and copyright prosecutions, and counsel clients on the full realm of critical IP issues.

Success in business is often determined by how secure an organization's intellectual capital is. Information is a company's most valuable asset, and its importance is often overlooked. Understanding the components to secured, safeguarded intellectual property is critical to the success of every business and organization.

Our patent and trademark law services focus on the mechanical, chemical, and electrical arts. We secure copyright protection for computer programmers, authors, graphic artists, and designers, and have represented several performing artists in copyrighting their original works, including recording and performing rights, contract negotiation and licensing.

Additionally, our focus on performing audits of our client's intellectual property ensures that they are well advised and protected, allowing them to fully realize the value of their IP assets.